Decisions are difficult. Whether you’re deciding what to wear today or what you’re doing to cook for your family later takes a small toll on your mental energy. Every time you make a choice, you’re using precious energy that after a while can exhaust you. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that as people move through each day, they begin to feel decision fatigue, making choices later in the day more stressful or exhausting. 

Things like what to wear, what to make for dinner, what to do tonight, which movie to watch, which snack is healthier—the list goes on. More decisions? More decision fatigue. And those are the small ones.

The Bigger the Decision, the Bigger the Stakes

Then there are the big decisions. How to transition your career. Whether to rent or buy. Whether to lease or purchase. Let’s be honest here though—if you choose between two different flavors of ice cream, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of life or even in your overall day. But with bigger choices and more important decisions on the line, when it comes down to things that really matter, you may be finding yourself just not getting around to it. Why? You’re tired. of. decisions.

That’s why its important to make big decisions when you’re at your best, in your right mind, and thinking with clarity about what you want. Where you want to go. What you want to do—with the important things in life. Imagine what that would be like? Having less anxiety about the really big issues in life?

How Can You Make Some of the Biggest Decisions When You’re at Your Best?

One way you can gain great peace of mind and protect yourself from decisions made in fatigue and stress is by making those decisions now and putting them in writing. Whether you’re mapping out your career, where to move to next, you need a plan.

Just like planning your future for big decisions, there are some other decisions that really need your attention, that often go by the wayside. That’s essential legal documents that everyone should have—Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, and your Last Will and Testament.

These literally are another way that you can also map out the future, take the exhaustion and anxiety out of important matters—for you and others—when the times comes. And everything happens according to your wishes.

  • Last Will and Testament. Take time to decide now what your wishes are for your wealth and personal belongings, and put those wishes in writing. Otherwise, you’re forcing your loved ones to make those decisions at a time when they may be grieving and suffering serious decision fatigue themselves. Without a will, you might also be opening the door for the default laws to make those decisions for you.
  • Power of attorney. Making decisions can be difficult, but the fact that you can make them is a blessing that you might not always have. If you’re ever incapacitated or can’t make specific decisions about your finances or legal matters for other reasons—such as you’re out of the country and can’t be reached—who do you want to act on your behalf? And do you have any instructions for that person? A power of attorney form lets you designate a trusted person to take on that role.
  • Medical power of attorney. Without a medical power of attorney—also sometimes called a health care proxy—decisions about your health care could fall to the system or next of kin if you’re unable to make them yourself. That can leave your care in the hands of hospital ethics committees or a loved one who may not know what you want or be able to logically consider the situation. A medical power of attorney lets you state what you want clearly and empower someone to communicate and protect those wishes.

Decision fatigue has a sibling that can also make it difficult to make choices. It’s called fear of commitment.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that issue when you create a will or power of attorney. If you change your mind about anything later, you can always create and file a new one.

Thinking about starting your own documents, or want to dip your toe in the water a little more? We’ve got an easy-to-read guide that you can check out that explains everything you need to know about the basic documents you need and what they do.

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